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Loan No. 8481-RO

Project ID No. P148585


The Romanian Government has received financing in the amount of EUR 200 Million equivalent from the World Bank toward the cost of the Romania Secondary Education Project (ROSE), and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project. This project will be entirely financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


The project will include the following components:

Component 1 – school-based and systemic interventions aiming to finance supply-side interventions at the school and system levels

Sub-component 1.1 – School-based Interventions aiming at empowering about 1,160 Romanian low-performing high schools through a High School Grants Scheme for them to effectively improve the quality of education they provide.

Sub-component 1.2 – Systemic Interventions aiming at addressing the systemic challenges faced by all high schools in facilitating the transition into tertiary education.

Component 2 – university-level interventions and bridge programs – aiming at supporting students at risk of dropping out of faculties in the first year of university studies. This component would finance two types of grant schemes:

Non-competitive grants: financing remedial programs, tutoring, counseling, guidance and support services, coaching services, workshops in specific areas, and awareness raising campaigns targeted to at-risk student; and

Competitive grants: financing summer bridge programs and learning centers.

Component 3 – project management, monitoring and evaluation aims at financing: (i) the day-to-day ROSE’s management activities including incremental operating and staffing costs of the UEFP as well as office equipment and software and a MIS for enhanced monitoring, reporting and FM; (ii) the annual project audits; (iii) the various project monitoring and evaluation studies (grants, demand-side programs, loan schemes); and (iv) the dissemination and communication campaigns, in particular to help ensure that stakeholders and the civil society are informed and engaged about the ROSE’s scope, outputs and outcomes.


The following are expected to be procured:


Goods: (a) equipment for the improvement of teaching conditions within Teachers Houses (computers, printers, projectors, interactive boards, multifunctional copy machines, servers, notebooks etc.) and (b) hardware and software licenses for upgrading the infrastructure of National Center for Assessment and Examinations (upgrades for software, application servers, database servers, storage system, datacenter and other equipment);


Consultants’ services: (a) preparation of guidelines for activities under grant scheme, (b) technical assistance to facilitate the preparation and evaluation of grant proposals, (c) technical assistance to develop remedial programs to improve the high-school graduation rate, (d) technical assistance to monitor the high school grants under sub-component 1.1; (e) revision of the upper secondary education curriculum, (f) training of teachers and school directors on implementing the revised curriculum, (g) revision and updates to grade 8 and Baccalaureate exam items database and associated training, (h) development and implementation of Grade 10 assessment, (i) campaigns to raise awareness, (j) strengthening MESR’s M&E capacity and utilization of EMIS, (k) development of digital teaching and learning materials under sub-component 1.2; (l) technical assistance for designing summer bridge programs, (m) technical assistance to evaluate the grants proposals, (n) technical assistance to monitor the grants at the level of universities under component 2; (o) carry out various assessment and impact evaluation studies; (p) information/communication campaigns for project activities, (q) local studies for analysis of demand-side programs, (r) revision of student loan scheme and (s) carry out the annual project audits under component 3.


Procurement of contracts financed by the World Bank will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits (current edition), and is open to all eligible bidders  as defined in the guidelines. Consulting services will be selected in accordance with the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (current edition).


Specific procurement notices for contracts to be bid under the World Bank’s international competitive bidding (ICB) procedures and for contracts for consultancy services will be announced, as they become available, in UN Development Business, on the Bank’s external website, on the project website and/or at least one local newspaper of national circulation.


Interested eligible bidders who wish to be included on the mailing list to receive invitations to bid under ICB procedures, and interested consultants who wish to receive a copy of advertisement requesting expressions of interest for consultancy contracts, or those requiring additional information, should contact the address below.


Contact:                      Ministry of Education and Scientific Research

                                   Management Unit for Externally Financed Projects

                                   Attn: Liliana Preoteasa, Project Director

                                   Spiru Haret 12, 2nd floor

                                   Postal code: 010176, Bucharest, sector 1, Romania

                                   Tel: +40 21 305 59 99

                                   Fax: +40 21 305 59 90




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